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Blick vorbei an Büschen und einem Baum auf das FREIgeist Northeim
Nahaufnahme von Fingerfood-Sticks mit einer Sauce
Eine große Liege fotografiert von hinten mit tollem Ausblick

Sustainability in the Foresthotel

Sustainable relaxation also requires a sustainable environment: we have set ourselves the goal of constantly reviewing and optimizing our processes, products and more. This applies to energy efficiency and the regional sourcing of products, but also to how we deal with guests and employees, the use of materials and our approach to social responsibility. In April of 2021, we earned the GreenSign certification, which stands for sustainable hotel management. Working with ClimatePartner, we calculated our total CO2footprint, reduced CO2 emissions and offset them via a climate protection project related to wind energy in northeastern Brazil.
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Our Sustainability Report

Eine lange Tafel dekoriert mit vielen Lichter und unter Bäumen des FREIgeist Northeim bei Abendlicht

One of our main prioritys: being green

Being green - acting sustainable means that all emissions from our products and our business have been recorded and offset via recognized climate protection projects. Working with ClimatePartner, we calculated all CO2 emissions – from heating our hotel rooms, preparing our dishes in the restaurant, electricity consumption to the kilometers driven by our guests to the hotel.  We offset all unavoidable emissions through internationally recognized climate protection projects and began supporting clean wind energy in Brazil this year. 

With our ClimatePartner label ID number, everyone can see how and where the CO2 compensation took place.
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Eine moderne Terrasse im Waldhotel FREIgeist Northeim mit einem großen Sonnenschirm, einem Tisch und zwei bequemen Liegen


Our Level 4 GreenSign certification confirms that we meet the requirements for sustainable thinking and implementation to a high degree. In addition, as a sustainable hotel, we are constantly evolving to find new ways to act in harmony with the environment and our surroundings.
The GreenSign certification for hotels focuses on:

  • Environment
  • Purchasing
  • Regionality and transport
  • Quality management and sustainable development
  • Management and communication
  • Social responsibility
  • Economic responsibility


Detailaufnahme eines Weißweinglas auf einem Tisch des Waldhotels FREIgeist Northeim

Regional cuisine

Prepare to be pampered in our WALDWERK restaurant. Our game comes directly from the Hardenberg, many of our herbs from the Wieter Forest at our doorstep or our on-site herb bed, and the organic farmer Penk around the corner supplies us with vegetables. Local ingredients have many advantages: they taste exceptionally good, are better for the climate because of the short transport routes, and support agriculture in our area. Our menu shows our suppliers from the region.

We are also a member of the FairBio cooperative, an initiative of organic producers, farmers, traders and consumers with a passion for the natural and organic food.

Sustainable holidays 

Given our location in the middle of the forest, we see it as a matter of course not only to act in a way that protects natural resources and the environment, but also to offer added value for the surrounding nature at the same time. That is why we have created a flower meadow, for example, and run an insect hotel that promotes the diversity of plants and animals: this means that the flora and fauna around our hotel can also rest and recover. We invite you to do the same in our forest hotel in Lower Saxony. For example, we can lend you bicycles for excursions in the area. 

Holzstühle mit grauen Bezügen auf einer Außenterrasse des Hotels

Guarantueed sustainability

Since July 2022 our hotels have been awarded the Seal of Assured Sustainability. The Institute for Sustainability & Economics awards this internationally recognized seal to companies that operate in an energy-, cost- and material-efficient manner, maintain a good working atmosphere within the team, and focus on the use of regional and renewable or recyclable raw materials.

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DNK German Sustainability Code

The German Sustainability Code is a cross-industry standard for transparent reporting of corporate sustainability performance. It contains twenty criteria and selected quantifiable performance indicators according to international reporting standards GRI or EFFAS.

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Ein Mitarbeiter des Waldhotel FREIgeist Northeim sitzt auf einer Liege und lächelt in die Kamera


As a sustainable hotel, we take responsibility – this applies to the climate, the forest and our guests, as well as those who live and work in the region. 
Because sustainability starts with people. We want all FREIgeists to feel comfortable here and be who and what they are. This is one of the reasons why we are a part of Fair JobHotels e.V.

Conferences in the forest

Are you looking for a central, sustainable conference hotel in Lower Saxony? The FREIgeist Northeim offers you regional, creative coffee breaks, restful sleep in the hotel rooms and the opportunity to hold meetings in the middle of nature.  Thanks to our location on the A7 between Kassel and Hanover, you can easily reach us from many cities without much travel. If you arrive by train, we can organize a shuttle service from Northeim station on request.

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