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Ein Wald in Niedersachsen vor einem dunkelblauen Himmel
The Shinrin-
Eine Luftaufnahme des Hotel FREIgeist Northeim inmitten eines grünen, dichten Waldes in Niedersachsen

Forest bathing in Northeim

A conscious walk through the forest reduces your blood pressure and heart rate and naturally lowers stress hormones. Encourage well-being and good health with conscious awareness in nature.

Mehrere Sonnenstrahlen stehlen sich durch die dichten Bäume des Waldes und beleuchten den grünen Wanderweg

What is forest bathing?

No, we don't have a sauna and no, you can't go swimming anywhere either. "Forest bathing" or shinrin-yoku comes from Japan, where it has been a popular form of therapy for decades. 

Einzelne Sonnenstrahlen beleuchten einen düsteren Waldboden

How forest bathing works

Forest bathing means being very aware of your surroundings with all your senses. As you walk through the woods, you focus on smells, sounds, or colors, like the rustle of the leaves or the scent of the fir branches. This lowers blood pressure, reduces your heart rate and naturally lowers stress hormones. 

Der Sonnenuntergang hinter dichten Bäumen im Harz
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