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Gebratener Lachs und ein Glas Weißwein auf einem von Kerzen beleuchteten Tisch

Food & Drinks at FREIgeist Northeim

FREIgeist enjoys 
Restaurant WALDWERK offers you a one-of-a-kind ambiance for all your senses. Enjoy the WALDWERK-menu on the beautiful terrace next to the pond, or in the restaurant itself with its cozy fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows and a majestic view of the forest.

Etwas Soße wird auf ein Stück Steak geträufelt, als Beilage eine Karotte

For us, cooking is about creating an experience. It is an engagement with the product, the origins and the farmer or producer – most of whom we know by name. When we shop, we emphasize regional suppliers and seasonal, fairly produced and traded products that reflect our region. We bring the forest to your plate. 

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Detailaufnahme eines Weißweinglas auf einem Tisch des Waldhotels FREIgeist Northeim

Craving an aperitif or nightcap, perhaps? In the evening, our WALDWERK bar counter, with its crackling fireplace and view of the terrace and pond, offers the perfect setting. Indulge in house-made specialties based on our regional and seasonal syrups, for example – infused with Secco or alcohol-free – or our many types of gin. A must-drink: VON HALLERS, a local gin made with ingredients from Göttingen. 

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Ring of
Ein Lagerfeuer im Hof des Hotel FREIgeist Northeim von oben fotografiert

The RING OF FIRE by Swiss sculptor Andreas Reichlin is an incredible work of art. It blends modern design and cultural diversity, as the coarse wood and fine logs from the forest make the fire inside the bowl glow. The upper edge of the steel ring reaches temperatures between 180 °C and 300 °C. In winter, the blazing open flames invite you to enjoy the cool, fresh air in comfort. In summer, the RING OF FIRE in Lower Saxony is the place to be for grilling with others. 


Put together a FREIgeist breakfast from our incredible buffet selection, including fruit, eggs, juices, grains, bread and exceptional coffee. Daily from 6:30 am to 10:30 am, Saturday & Sunday to 12.00 am in the WALDWERK restaurant. 

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