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Ausschnitt der beleuchteten Bar des FREIgeist Hotels in Göttingen
Weights &
Die gut ausgestattete Bar des FREIgeist Hotels mit verschiedenen bunten Hochstühlen davor

Beautiful Balanced Drinks

Weights and Measures

In our Weights & Measures bar, you can embark on a journey along the eastern countries of the Mediterranean and enjoy their spirits, fruits and herbs in perfect balance. New tastes, surprising scents, fresh notes of citrus fruits and intense aromas of crushed herbs not only awaken the longing for a holiday, but also invite you to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with friends on a convivial evening. 

Monday – Thursday I  6 pm – 0 am 
Friday - Saturday I 6 pm - 1 am 
Sunday 23th June I 6 pm - 10pm 

Signature Drinks 
Supplementary Menu
Weender Landstraße 100 · 37075 Göttingen 

Mehrere Cocktails und Drinks in verschiedenen Gläsern stehen auf einem beleuchteten Tisch

Highball menu

The term highball originally encompasses a signal ball on a pole, but today it stands for the highest point on the signal arm, indicating a train is free to move. The highball drink is uncomplicated and pleasantly mild, convinces with its simplicity, which nevertheless gives full throttle.


Ein DJ-Mixer und eine Messbank im Weigts & Measures Bar

Perfectly balanced

The bar concept in Weights & Measures takes up the history of the location in its drinks. Incidentally, this was developed together with DRINKSOLOGY® from Belfast, who helped design our other successful bar concept, HERBARIUM Bar in the center of Göttingen. Among other things, old Sartorius scales are in use here, because the ingredients of the drinks are not presented in centiliters, but in grams. 

Mehrere Cocktails und Drinks in verschiedenen Gläsern stehen auf einem beleuchteten Tisch

Signature Drinks

Croatian Julischka, Greek yogurt-vodka fusion, oriental aniseed schnapps or Italian spritz: balanced signature drinks await you, with flavors inspired by a journey through the countries along the Mediterranean Sea. We also offer non-alcoholic signature cocktails and drinks. View the drinks.

Nahaufnahme eines "Weights & Measures" Menüs und einer Kerze auf einem hölzernen, dunklen Tisch in den FREIgeist Hotels

Supplementary Menu

Prefer a simple gin and tonic? Okay, but not just any: because we also give careful thought to the selection of each spirit. For example, you will find different types of black gin on the menu or regional schnapps from the Sebexen distillery. And speaking of toasting: for an easy aperitif in the bar or in the restaurant, we have a large selection of homemade Italian spritzers à la FREIgeist on the menu.

Die hohe, beleuchtete Bar des FREIgeist Hotels in Göttingen mit vielen verschiedenen Flaschen
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