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Mehrere gedeckte Tische und eine hohe Wand mit verschiedenen Bildern im Restaurant des FREIgeist Hotels in Göttingen
Ein selbst bemalter Teller steht auf einem Tisch im Restaurant des FREIgeist Hotels in Göttingen

Levantine & italian cuisine

East of Italy

In our East of Italy open show kitchen a light Levantine cuisine is combined with Italian classics in a truly FREIgeist manner. Our mezze and original Neapolitan mezze served in the family style are truly unbeatable. In East of Italy, every evening feels like a holiday in good company. 

Monday – Saturday | 6.00 pm – 10.00 pm


Monday - Friday | 06.30 am. – 10.30 am.
Saturday, Sunday & on holidays | 07.00 am. – 02.00 pm.

We have adjusted our opening hours on the following dates for the Handel Festival:

>> opening of the Skybar from 01.00 pm. with cold cuts from the Viani
>> East of Italy open from 05.00 pm.

NEOBAROQUE 12.05.2024
>> from 3.00 pm opening of the Skybar with cold cuts from the Viani
>> East of Italy open from 6.00 pm



Beverages & Menu

Just a few of our highlights: Neapolitan pizza, ricotta meatballs, Moroccan fennel salad, cod with tomato-orange salsa, shawarma with lamb and roasted harissa carrots, and special dessert variations. Creative aperitifs, signature cocktails, fine wines and specialty coffee round out your options, as well as a selection of beers, Italian lemonades and liqueurs.




Zwei leckere Pizzen auf einem Tisch im Restaurant des FREIgeist Hotels in Göttingen
Eine Hand führt einen Cracker zum Dip, daneben liegen verschiedene Wurst- und Käsesorten auf einem Brett
Eine kleine Nachspeise liegt auf einem blauen Teller im Restaurant des FREIgeist Hotels in Göttingen
Eine Nussnachspeise mit einer Kugel Eis auf einem orangenen Teller, daneben ein Kaffee

Neapolitan Pizza in Göttingen

The pizza in our Italian restaurant is made with love and exquisite ingredients according to the original recipe from Naples. The juicy, loose dough with flour from the Borzano mill in Italy develops its full aroma after 72 hours of dough rest and is baked crispy in the Neapolitan Moretti pizza oven at 480°C on stone. Fior di Latte and fresh salsiccia from Italy, San Daniele ham, Taggiasca olives and San Marzano tomatoes from ours and fresh vegetables combined with the airy edge make our pizza a unique taste experience.

Die Eingangstür des Restaurants "East of Italy" im Hotel FREIgeist Göttingen Nordstadt

Holiday in merry company

More than just a restaurant, East of Italy is an experience that never ceases to surprise. In an atmosphere of relaxed exuberance and family conviviality, it invites you to stay and always inspires you to return. Embark on an incredible journey through the culinary classics of Italy and the Levant in East of Italy.  

Sitzgelegenheiten und Tische im Restaurant East of Italy im FREIgeist Göttingen Nordstadt
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