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Die Außenfassade des Hotel FREIgeist Göttingen Nordstadt
Die Außenansicht des beleuchteten Theaters von Göttingen bei Nacht

Shopping, theater and events in the student city

It's no secret that Göttingen is known as a place of scientific research and a university town with a youthful vibe. We'll tell you what not to miss in Göttingen and things to do in the neighborhood.

Mehrere Kunstwerke hängen an einer Wand eines großen Saals mit einer Bank in der Mitte

Kunsthaus Göttingen

Experience cutting-edge contemporary art with an international focus in the Kunsthaus Göttingen. Works made of paper, photography and video art invite you to expand your creative horizon and let your creativity run free. The exhibitions, which change up to four times a year, are accompanied by exciting events and workshops for art lovers of all ages.

Düstere Straße 7
37073 Göttingen

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Die Außenfassade des "Forum Wissen"-Gebäudes mit einem großen roten Schild

Forum Wissen

In Göttingen near the main station lies the old Zoological Museum. This facility of 1400 m² is all about the dialog between science and society. The central question is: How is knowledge created? Topics range from historical debates to innovative ideas and recent discoveries to current research projects. 

Berliner Straße 28
37073 Göttingen

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Einzelne Sonnenstrahlen stehlen sich durch hohe grüne Bäume

Botanical Garden

Green, beautiful, fragrant things from all over the world. The Old Botanical Garden in Göttingen is an absolute must. After all, the plant experts there are friends of our hotel. We not only have them to thank for the plant-related design elements, but also for some of the ingredients in VON HALLERS Gin

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Ein kleines Boot fährt bei Sonnenschein auf dem schönen blauen Kiessee

Göttinger Kiessee

A headline made this body of water famous: "Giant catfish chokes on a turtle". You can stroll around the sandy banks of this former quarry pond and, with any luck, see turtles hanging about on tree trunks.
Or spend some time on the water in one of the pedal boats, rowboats or canoes while enjoying the sun. 

Ein Tennisspieler, ein Schläger und ein Ball hinter einem Tennisnetz auf dem Platz des Hotel FREIgeist Northeim

Home of Tennis

Germany's most innovative and modern tennis hall with outdoor and indoor courts is just a 10-minute drive from FREIgeist Göttingen city centre waiting to be played by you. Perfect if you just want to take off the daily load after a long day. If you have not hit balls over the net for a long time or are still completely ignorant about the subject of tennis, just book a training session and give your game the finishing touches. Seat reservations are possible at short notice and easily via the booking platform “etennis” or online. For further information or questions, please contact the HOT team by phone or by e-mail at

Bismarckstraße 111 · 37085 Göttingen


Eine Frontaufnahme der Hardenberg Distillery

Hardenberg Distillery

The Hardenberg has stood for excellent ingredients and masterful distillation since 1700. The distillery not only cultivates their raw materials on the count's estates in Lower Saxony, but processes them directly in-house. Under the new roof of the Hardenberg Distillery, they prepare the finest of hand-made spirits. Honest, direct and strong in character – just like the people who make them. As in the past, everything happens on site, from raw ingredients to finished product. 

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Die beleuchtete Außenfassade des PS.Speicher Museums in Einbeck bei Nacht


If you drive 40 km pretty much straight north from here, you will arrive in Einbeck. Here you will find the award-winning classic car exhibition with over 400 exhibits – the PS.SPEICHER. Did you know that the PS.SPEICHER is Europe's largest vintage car collection?

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Die Außenansicht der beleuchteten Uni von Göttingen bei Nacht
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