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Ein glänzender Sessel auf einem bunten Teppich im Hotel FREIgeist in Göttingen Nordstadt
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Ein Bild mit einem leuchtenden Herz an der Wand des Hotel FREIgeist in Göttingen Nordstadt

We give FREIgeistern a home tomorrow as well

Since the first full year of our newest hotel, all our operations are now sustainable! With ClimatePartner, we have calculated our entire CO² footprint, reduced CO² emissions, and offset them through climate protection projects. FREIgeist Göttingen Nordstadt is also operating sustainably after its first year of business, with all emissions being offset through the efficient cookstove project in India.

Our sustainability report

Ein gemütlicher Couchtisch mit mehreren Kerzen und Vasen im gemütlichen Wohnzimmer des Hotel FREIgeist in Göttingen Nordstadt

FREIgeist sustainability

From the 100% recycled key card that you receive at the beginning of your stay, to the handmade door signs from the Harz Weser workshops, to the reusable to-go cup when you leave: we are always coming up with solutions for innovative, sustainable products. When it comes to the food, we try to source as much as possible from the surrounding region, avoiding long transport routes and emissions. We have been working with regional partners for several years, who provide things like the eggs for our breakfast buffet, for example. 

Ein Glas Sekt auf einem hölzernen Tisch neben einem bunten Sofa im nachhaltigen Hotel Deutschland

Ensured sustainability

Linking ecology, economy & social responsibility.
Complementary to climate neutrality, our hotels have been awarded the Seal of Assured Sustainability since July 2022. The Institute for Sustainability & Economics awards this internationally recognized seal to companies that operate in an energy-, cost- and material-efficient manner, maintain a good working atmosphere within the team, and focus on the use of regional and renewable or recyclable raw materials. 

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DNK German Sustainability Code

The German Sustainability Code is a cross-industry standard for transparent reporting of corporate sustainability performance. It contains twenty criteria and selected quantifiable performance indicators according to international reporting standards GRI or EFFAS.

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Sustainable Conferences

Our FREIgeist Hotels offer ideal conditions for sustainable conferences. Thanks to the good connection to public transport and proximity to train stations, you can travel conveniently and environmentally friendly by train. On-site, you will sleep and conference in eco-friendly hotels that minimize their ecological footprint through the use of 100% green electricity, modern lighting concepts, and gastronomy that uses almost exclusively local products. Our conference rooms are equipped with the latest technology to ensure energy-efficient events. Together, we will make your conference sustainable and responsible.

Clean green

When cleaning, we also rely on the use of microcleaner devices, which can clean and disinfect almost anything you can imagine with 180 degree hot steam. This saves our housekeeping staff from using different cleaners and dealing with chemical agents.

Die Skybar des Hotel FREIgeist in Göttingen Nordstadt mit zwei Sonnenschirmen und einem tollen Ausblick
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