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Die beleuchtete Außenfassade des PS.Speicher Museums in Einbeck bei Nacht
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in the Harz region
Blick auf Felder, Wiesen und kleine Wälder bei bewölktem Himmel

Activities & excursion tips for FREIgeist guests

Our Hotel FREIgeist Einbeck is located in the middle of the Leine Valley, near the Harz Mountains. Directly across from Europe's largest collection of classic cars, the PS.SPEICHER, which is an absolute must. Here are some exciting excursion tips for in and around Einbeck. 


Culinary calendar at Novalis

Special events at the 5-star Relais & Châteaux Hardenberg BurgHotel - just 30 minutes away from Einbeck.

Indulge in regional ingredients, creative creations and musical highlights - a calendar for all the senses that accompanies you through the seasons.
From a flowery spring awakening with asparagus to summery seafood with champagne - to musical summer evenings and autumnal truffle delights. Experience exclusive events, indulge your palate and let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere of our Novalis restaurant with a special view from the terrace to the castle ruin.

You can find more information about the individual events here.

Verschiedene Motorräder und Oldtimer stehen in einem Museum


PS.SPEICHER, located directly across from the hotel, is an award-winning classic car museum with over 400 exhibits. Find out everything about the contemporary history of automobiles and experience what it feels like to drive a Porsche. The Porsche racing simulator offers you a one-of-a-kind experience! 

Tiedexer Tor 3 · 37574 Einbeck 

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Eine Dame sitzt in einem grauen sportlichen Auto, das in einem Simulationsraum mit Leinwand steht

Porsche racing simulator

Try to win the race at blazing speeds. Book the Porsche racing simulator for your company event or just for some fun in-between at PS.SPEICHER Einbeck.

  • 5 min. Porsche racing simulator € 5.00
  • 10 min. Porsche racing simulator € 8.00

Tiedexer Tor 3 · 37574 Einbeck 
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Blick von oben auf einen Teil eines Golfplatzes in Niedersachsen, der am Wasser liegt

Hardenberg GolfResort

The Hardenberg GolfResort is only a 30-minute drive from us. Embedded in the extensive, hilly landscape near Nörten-Hardenberg in Lower Saxony, you can play golf on one of the German championship courses against an incredible backdrop.

Gut Levershausen · 37154 Northeim 
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Ein perfekter Waldweg für einen Wanderurlaub im Harz führt durch einen steinigen Wald mit hohen Tannen und viel Gras


The Harz is not only Germany's highest low mountain range, but also one of the largest national parks in the Federal Republic. The spruce and beech forests, the easy to challenging climbs, the high moors, the Brocken primeval forest and the dwarf shrub heaths are just a few of the scenic highlights in the Harz Mountains. 

Blick auf das Laufband in der Brauerei, auf dem viele grüne Flaschen Bier mit weißem Etikett stehen

Einbecker brewery

Martin Luther was right when he said, "Everybody knows that Einbeck beer is the best drink". Obviously, the people of Einbeck have truly mastered their craft.
Take a tour of the facility and find out what makes the "Ainpöckisch beer", first brewed in 1378, so special. After you finish the tasting, don't worry: plenty of drinks are available at the FREIgeist bar in the FREIgeist Einbeck or in the GENUSSWERKSTATT restaurant.

Papenstraße 4 · 37574 Einbeck
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Ein Mann sitzt an einem Tisch und hält eine große Schablone für einen Blaudruck in der Hand. Im Vordergrund liegt eine weitere Schablone

Blaudruck printing

One of the few "blue printers" in Germany. In an old family tradition, high-quality fabrics have been processed and finished in Einbeck using the blueprint process since 1638. You can find out how the process works as well as the end results at the Einbecker Blaudruckerei. Blueprint represents a living tradition in Lower Saxony and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in June 2019.

Möncheplatz 4 · 37574 Einbeck
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Blick auf mehrere Tanks in einer Destillerie

Hardenberg Distillery

The Hardenberg has stood for excellent ingredients and masterful distillation since 1700. The distillery not only cultivates their raw materials on the count's estates in Lower Saxony, but processes them directly in-house. Under the new roof of the Hardenberg Distillery, they prepare the finest of hand-made spirits. Honest, direct and strong in character – just like the people who make them. As in the past, everything happens on site, from raw ingredients to finished product.

Hinterhaus 10 · 37176 Nörten-Hardenberg
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