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Drei Motorräder und ein Oldtimer ausgestellt vor einer schwarz-weißen Wand
Mehrere Motorräder stehen in Kisten übereinander gestapelt in einer Ausstellungshalle

Oldtimer Hotel at the PS.SPEICHER

Living directly next to the PS.SPEICHER: A dream for all classic car fans that comes true with an overnight stay in our classic car hotel FREIgeist Einbeck. Our hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of the old granary, which as PS.SPEICHER displays an impressive collection of classic cars, and is itself completely under the sign of the automobile. After a relaxing night in your hotel room, you can explore the exhibition right next door.

Verschiedene Motorräder und Oldtimer stehen in einem Museum

Modern oldtimerhotel in Lower Saxony

When you think of a vintage hotel, you probably think of a hotel with a retro look and an interior from the last century. But far from it, because our FREIgeist Einbeck has nothing to do with it. Quite the opposite. You can expect an architecturally modern design hotel with bright rooms and lovely interior directly opposite the PS.SPEICHER.

Ein Oldtimer steht vor dem großen Gebäude des "PS.SPEICHER"

Vintage car exhibition

Shining eyes from 3 to 93. The PS.SPEICHER is more than a car exhibition: a magical place where you can breathe in the pioneering spirit of great inventors meter by meter. Around 300 bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles from one of the largest collections in the world tell their stories. From the Benz Victoria to the first BMW motorcycles and the VW Beetle. From the Herkules K50 and classic Borgward convertibles to the full-motion racing simulator.

Mehrere ausgestellte Oldtimer Autos in verschiedenen Farben

Vintage car rental

Doch nachdem Du alle Exponate bestaunt hast, bleibt da immer noch die Frage: Wie fühlt es sich eigentlich an, selbst in einem Oldtimer zu fahren? Ganz ohne Servolenkung, Bremsverstärker oder Stabilitätskontrolle kannst du diese Erfahrung durch den Verleih von Young- und Oldtimern des PS.SPEICHER hautnah spüren. Und dabei den nostalgischen Charme genießen & die Fenster manuell runterkurbeln. Das rundet Deinen Urlaub in Südniedersachsen bei uns im Oldtimer Hotel FREIgeist Einbeck noch einmal perfekt ab!

But after you have marveled at all the exhibits, there is still the question: How does it actually feel to drive a classic car yourself? Without power steering, brake booster or stability control, you can experience this first-hand by renting out young and oldtimers from PS.SPEICHER. And enjoy the nostalgic charm & roll down the windows manually. This rounds off your vacation in Southern Lower Saxony with us at the Oldtimer Hotel FREIgeist Einbeck perfectly once again!

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Die beleuchtete Außenfassade des PS.Speicher Museums in Einbeck bei Nacht
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