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Nahaufnahme eines weisen Stuhls in einem Hotelzimmer des FREIgeist Göttingen Innenstadt
Aussicht auf ein Frühstücksbüffet mit verschiedenen Gerichten

We are organic certified

We buy organic products and thus support the regional agriculture. For this we have been certified organic and guarantee that you will not only find fresh organic eggs from our regional partner Jörge Penk from Moringen, but also many other organic food products, such as milk, cottage cheese, yoghurt and much more. We obtain these in close and familiar relationships from local partners such as Naturkost Elkershausen from Göttingen.



Blick durch die Bäume auf eine Outdoor-Tafel im FREIgeist Göttingen Innenstadt

Being green is our priority!

Protecting our planet is very important to us. That's why we use 100% green electricity and most of our products on the breakfast buffet are organic.

Our Sustainability Report 2022/2023

Ein hoher Baum vor dem Hotel FREIgeist Göttingen Innenstadt

Sustainable hotel

Being sustainable means that all emissions from our products and our business have been recorded and offset via recognized climate protection projects. Working with ClimatePartner , we calculated all CO2 emissions – from heating our hotel rooms, preparing our dishes in the restaurant, electricity consumption to the kilometers driven by our staff and suppliers to the hotel. We offset all unavoidable emissions through internationally recognized climate protection projects and began supporting clean wind energy in Brazil this year. 

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Team spirit

As a sustainable hotel, we take responsibility - this applies not only to the climate, the resource consumption of our hotel but also to the people who stay with us, work and live in the region. Especially a fair treatment of our team and every single employee is very important to us - and not only because of that we are part of the Fair JobHotels e.V..

Eine Frau springt auf ein frisch bezogenes Bett im Hotel FREIgeist Göttingen Innenstadt

Clean Green

When cleaning, we also rely on the use of microcleaner devices, which can clean and disinfect almost anything you can imagine with 180 degree hot steam. This saves our housekeeping staff from using different cleaners and dealing with chemical agents.

Weiße Stühle um einen Tisch neben einer Bar auf der Terrasse

Ensured sustainability

Our hotels have been awarded the Seal of Assured Sustainability since July 2022. The Institute for Sustainability & Economics awards this internationally recognized seal to companies that operate in an energy-, cost- and material-efficient manner, maintain a good working atmosphere within the team, and focus on the use of regional and renewable or recyclable raw materials.

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DNK German Sustainability Code

The German Sustainability Code is a cross-industry standard for transparent reporting of corporate sustainability performance. It contains twenty criteria and selected quantifiable performance indicators according to international reporting standards GRI or EFFAS.

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