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Die üppig ausgestattete HERBARIUM Bar im Hotel FREIgeist in Göttingen
Frontansicht der üppig ausgestatteten HERBARIUM Bar des Hotel FREIgeist Göttingen Innenstadt mit Pflanzendeko

HERBARIUM Bar Göttingen

Herbarium Bar

In the HERBARIUM Bar, everything revolves around the six life phases in the plant world – from the seed to the soil and the leaf, to the wood and the flower to the fruit. Under these six categories, guests in our bar in downtown Göttingen will find a total of 16 signature drinks with unusual flavors such as fennel, caraway or coriander. Fresh herbs are harvested and processed directly from the vertical herb bed on the back wall of the bar. We work closely with the team at the Old Botanical Garden to find new inspiration and ingredients from nature. The source of inspiration was the naturalist and founder of the botanical garden in Göttingen, Albrecht von Haller.


Monday - thursday 6 p.m. - 12 p.m. 
Friday - Saturday 6 p.m.  - 1 a.m. 
Sunday 6 p.m. - 11 p.m. 

Every 2 weeks on Saturdays we have a DJ, current dates can be found here.


Einblick in die moderne Ausstattung der "HERBARIUM" Bar im Hotel FREIgeist in Göttingen

Flavors from the plant world 

Seed, soil, leaf, wood, flower and fruit – enjoy bold signature drinks in our bar in Göttingen, where the flavors reflect the life phases of the plant world. Would you prefer an espresso martini, sweet blush or just a crisp glass of white wine? Visit our HERBARIUM Bar in Göttingen and choose the creation that suits you. 

Signature Drinks 

Ein Mitarbeiter tröpfelt Aroma in einen Cocktail in der HERBARIUM Bar im Hotel FREIgeist in Göttingen

Seasonal menu

Each season has the potential for transformation to develop original ideas. The most diverse influences push existing concepts in new directions. The FREIgeist mixologists find these flavors and combine them to create innovative, seasonal cocktails.


Ein Glas Whiskey mit Eis in der HERBARIUM Bar im Hotel FREIgeist in Göttingen

Non alcoholic drinks

The mixologists at HERBARIUM Bar use their innovative and inspired thinking to take non-alcoholic cocktails to a new level – because a monotonous mix of juices and sodas won't do your taste buds justice. From a base of high-quality, alcohol-free distillates and seasonal botanical aromas, the team creates authentic drinks with depth. And all without alcohol!


New outdoor Area 

Take a seat! Sit down in our cozy lounge furniture by Gommaire right in front of the HERBARIUM door with pure Göttingen city feeling! You can enjoy summer, sun and cool drinks here with your friends, family or colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere and end the evening. Or look forward to the first rays of the day right in the morning with a coffee in hand.


Barkeeper of the year

Here at the HERBARIUM Bar you can enjoy excellent drinks in the truest sense of the word. The Falstaff Barguide named barkeeper Yannick Bertram 2019. Now in the current Falstaff 2023, the bar was awarded 95 out of 100 points and four out of four glasses. And Falstaff writes: “Don’t call it Piña Colada!, because Yannick Bertram certainly mixes it differently. Located somewhere between the jungle, bar and oasis, Zeitgeist takes place here in the hotel “FREIgeist. ” And at this point at the latest it becomes clear why Göttingen is a student city. It also applies to the study of spirits and holistic naturopathy."

Ein Koch genießt seinen Job in der HERBARIUM Bar im Hotel FREIgeist Göttingen Innenstadt und blickt in die Ferne
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