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Ein blaues Sofa neben einem Beistelltisch mit einer Lampe darauf an einer Wand des Tagungshotel FREIgeist in Göttingen Innenstadt
Conference- &
Event location
Ein Buch, ein Bleistift und eine schwarze Kaffeetasse auf einem Holztisch im Tagungshotel FREIgeist in Göttingen Innenstadt

Conferences in Göttingen's city center

Casual knowledge and inspirational events in the downtown hotel FREIgeist Göttingen. We rethink conferences. Here you will find countless potential for your next workshop, upcoming conference or company party! 
Our conference planners work with you to find creative solutions and ideas that are far from ordinary. 

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Ein weitläufiger, gemütlicher Tagungsraum mit mehreren Stehtischen im Hotel FREIgeist in Göttingen Innenstadt

Conferences offer

 Our conference package for free spirits:

  • Coffee break incl. Snacks in the morning
  • Viva con Agua & FREIgeist natural over apple juice in the conference room
  • Coffee & tea specialities in the conference foyer
  • Lunch as a standing buffet or menu in family style
  • Coffee break incl. Snacks in the afternoon
  • WLAN
  • Basic technical equipment:
    HD video screen & full HD projector or TV screen
    Surround system with front sound system
    2x Whiteboards, Clipboards & Pencils


Price € 78,00 per person 

We also charge room rent for our meeting rooms. This depends on the size of the room required, the number of people and the desired services.
We will be happy to explain the price for your complete conference with us in personal contact.

Eligible services:

  • Viva con Agua & FREIgeist natural apple juice for lunch / € 8,00 per person
  • Dinner à la FREIgeist; our chef recommends a family style menu or buffet. Price € 49,00 per person
  • Drink package for dinner from € 39. 00 per person / 3 hours / Viva con Agua, juices & sprinkles, soft drinks, beer, FREIgeist wines, coffee & tea specialities
  • 1 Whiteboard / each 10,00 € per day
  • 1 moderator’s suitcase / € 25. 00 per day

We will help you to plan and customize your meeting or corporate event with us from the very first minute!


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Zwei weiße Leinwände mit Farben davor im Tagungshotel FREIgeist in Göttingen Innenstadt

Social program

What to do after work? We plan the perfect events for you and can provide tips and suggestions. A tour of the Hardenberg Whiskey Distillery with in-site tasting, a cocktail workshop with bartender Yannick Bertram, a tour of the legendary PS.SPEICHER and much more – we have all the insider tips. 

Sitzecke auf der Terrassenbar mit dem Hotel FREIgeist Göttingen Innenstadt im Hintergrund
Sitzecke vor einem FREIgeist Hotel mit Holzstühlen und Decken mit Logo FREIgeist

Team-BBQ at the ring of fire

Be your own barbecue master! Our BBQ at the FEUERRING high above the rooftops of Göttingen on our roof terrace is perfect for warm summer days and relaxed evenings after a successful conference or with your friends & family with a cool drink and a relaxed atmosphere! Whether you want to grill yourself or have a chef by your side: The pleasure highlight on the circular grill is guaranteed! 

Ein leckeres Buffet aufgebaut auf der Foyer Küche des Tagungshotel FREIgeist in Göttingen Innenstadt

Conference planners

Our conference planners are happy to help plan and organize your next event based on your needs and can offer many creative solutions.

Phone: 05503 981 795

Zwei Stühle die unter einen Tisch geschoben wurden im Tagungshotel FREIgeist in Göttingen Innenstadt
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