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Zwei Frauen stoßen mit hohen Gläsern auf einer sonnigen Dachterrasse an

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Celebrate like a free spirit! Whether it's a dream wedding, birthday, your company's Christmas party or simply a get-together after work, FREIgeist turns your occasion into an unforgettable event. Our event team is at your side with advice and action as well as creative ideas.

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FREIgeist Northeim

Eine lange Tafel aus Holz mit Weingläsern und gekühlten Weinflaschen

A family celebration that is far from ordinary! A breathtaking wedding in nature by the pond, or a birthday dinner at the Ring of Fire with do-it-yourself BBQ. Of course, our location is also ideal for celebrations with the team or your closest friends!

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FREIgeist Einbeck

Eine weis dekorierte lange Tafel auf einem kleinen Balkon der "Genusswerkstatt"

THE alternative to a typical event location, our hotel in Einbeck offers everything you need and more. With a view of the PS.SPEICHER, you can eat and celebrate in the GENUSSWERKSTATT restaurant or in a small group at the bar garage. 

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Göttingen Innenstadt

Ein mit Kerzenlicht beleuchteter Tagungssaal des Hotel FREIgeist Göttingen Innenstadt

The next big birthday, your child's confirmation or even a wedding celebration in the urban city hotel in Göttingen. Write your own stories in our large Library room, with culinary highlights from the Japanese-South American Nikkei cuisine.  

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Göttingen Nordstadt

Mehrere lange Tafeln mit eleganten Gläsern und schöner Blumendeko darauf

Let's celebrate! Whether it's a birthday dinner right in the middle of the restaurant, or more privately in East of Italy, or on a grand scale with friends and family in the "Quartiersküche" event space – we offer you the freedom you need for your perfect event in the newest FREIgeist! 


  – wir bieten dir im neusten FREIgeist den Freiraum den Du für dein perfektes Event benötigst!

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Ein schön dekorierter Tisch mit Brot und Wein unter einem tiefen Baum
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