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Zwei Stühle die unter einen Tisch geschoben wurden im Tagungshotel FREIgeist in Göttingen Innenstadt
Ein großer Tagungsraum mit einem Whiteboard im Hotel FREIgeist in Göttingen Innenstadt

Cozy spaces for big ideas

People are more creative when they feel relaxed. In addition to the five event rooms on the ground floor, our largest event room, the "Library", has direct access to the inner courtyard and rooftop terrace, which is nearly 300 m² in size. The 400 m² inner courtyard with container bar, our Fatboy Lounge for relaxed meetings and a view of the city, as well as our open foyer kitchen with a free-standing island block that connects all event rooms. You can roll out your documents and sketches here, or take part in cooking events.

Der moderne Innenhof mit einer Containerbar im Tagungshotel FREIgeist in Göttingen Innenstadt

Colloboration in open spaces!

In our FREIraum I+II conference rooms, free spirits will find everything they need for productive seminars and conferences. The event rooms are 50 m² in size, fully air-conditioned and have all the technical equipment you need. The floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of daylight, but can also be blacked out. 

Der Seminarraum mit mehreren aufgereihten Stühlen im Tagungshotel FREIgeist in Göttingen Innenstadt

Inspirational contrasts: library

Need a productive work environment or a place for a casual celebration? How about both! Our "Library" has space for up to 120 people who want to celebrate or work. 126 square meters with direct access to the courtyard. The ambiance: floor-to-ceiling windows, ash paneling and books from the university combine to create inspiring contrasts that open the mind.

Zwei hohe Tische umgeben von vier Tagungstafeln im Hotel FREIgeist in Göttingen Innenstadt

Cosy lounges

In our three lounges, you can hold a private business meeting or enjoy a family-style dinner with your closest friends and family on the old recycled elm wood tables. 

Lichtdurchfluteter Tagungsraum des Hotel FREIgeist Göttingen Innenstadt

Private Dinner in our Kamin-Lounge

Less is more? Not with us! Because we have expanded our restaurant and opened the fireplace lounge for more space in the INTUU or even exclusively - for a dinner with colleagues in a separate area. Book the Kaminlounge in a cozy atmosphere to toast to a successful day and enjoy the best of the colorful Nikkei cuisine with up to 26 people! What do you think of beef's tataki, tonkatsu or cassava root? Never heard of it? Then convince yourself of the Japanese-South American classics!

Arrangierte Tische und Sitzecken in der Kaminlounge im FREIgeist Göttingen
Ein Blick auf die Stühle und aufgestellten Tische im Restaurant Kaminlounge
Sitzecke und aufgestellte Tische in der Kamin Lounge
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